Alain STEVENS is a Corporate Consultant since 1999. As computer scientist, it is a full service digital agency and online reputation management company with a complete range of brand management and digital marketing solutions : Vigifraude ®, Cyberdétective ®.

What we do

Maintain a Positive Image and Protect Your Brand from Malicious Content. As an Online Reputation Consultant with over 20 years of experience, we are confident that we can protect your brand and your reputationfrom negative comments.

What all of ourtechnologies have in common is dynamically generated content, with our codes and softwares. We’ll help you protect your good name and credit by alerting you to suspicious changes. Doing so will help you stay competitive, protect your reputation and enhance your brand image.

Accumulated operational experience shows how difficult it is for administrative investigations on the ground to culminate in proceedings in court. As former Private Investigators, we imagine tools to help you to identify cyber criminals. This will set the stage for identifying process owners and have them accountable for the results. 

Your web protection :Vigifraude ® – E-Commerce Fraud – Cyber crime. from Alain STEVENS on Vimeo.